Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations “TUTTOGHIACCIO”!

STILETORINO Lab will reveal the prototype named “Alfa Romeo TUTTOGHIACCIO” concept on 19 December 2010. Dedicated to the past Renault designer Mr Francois Lampreja – the author from the others of the 1980’s model “Renault FUEGO”- who have explained to Mr Andrea Ciampaglia at I.DE.A. Institute of Turin under the guidance of the President; the esteemed Mr Franco Mantegazza, secrets and future trens of car style).
STILETORINO’s “TUTTOGHIACCIO”, created in the occasion of the Italian automaker's 100th anniversary but also with the objektive to highlight the possibilities offered by electric power in creating new sporty driving sensations on extremely little cars, for the well known ‘mission’ of the stylistic center that is devoted only to the divulgation of it research engagement and not to the commercialization of design, the three-seat ultra-light concept was built with the utilization of not expensive materials then with a general economization of the technical efforts, it is cloaked in a massive but at the same time highly aerodynamic body, which, paired with two electric motors generating 145bhp, has already enabled the concept to break good sensations for acceleration in the particular category of electricals micro-vehicles. The coque, a carbon/honeycomb composite body is based on a internal 'spaceframe'-similar shaped architecture. Mr. Andrea Ciampaglia says the citycar's aesthetic : “which incorporates design cues first seen on the our own 1997 AR/y concept and reference the recent products on the market highlights the evolutional nature that guided the vehicle's creation”. The interior, finished in metals and embossed leather, features floor-mounted seats, one control handles and individual screens ; one for the pilot and anothers for the passengers creating “new ways to imagine and conceive extremely dynamic Alfa Romeo microcars”.

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