Monday, October 25, 2010

Alfa Romeo : from "8C Competizione" to "RABRE" based on Marussia production model.

STILETORINO Lab proposes a free interpretation of MARUSSIA b10 named Alfa Romeo ‘Rabre’. Created by Andrea Ciampaglia, Principal Designer, the 'Rabre' is both a celebration of Alfa Romeo’s 100 year history and a stylistic demonstration . According to Karl Mazzacane, engeneer at STILETORINO Lab 2, were identified new challenges for mobility in extra-urban areas just as the italian brand did with the original "8c Competizione"4 years ago, transferring the successful combination of driving fun, quality, design and individual style to an exotic vehicle ideally suited to cater to the growing needs or an increasingly society. Only a proposal...but..what proposal!

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