Friday, October 10, 2014

IZ: the Fiat revolution!

Revolutionary? Probably! That's the FIAT "IZ"!! (2.15 meters)
Styled by Andrea Ciampaglia!
If the allure of an EV is outweighed by the need to drive longer trips without recharging, STILETORINO design has the affordable answer with the FIAT "IZ", the most advanced Fiat yet. The numbers tell a convincing story: up to 11 miles of EV mode range, speeds up to 62 mph on battery alone; EPA-rated 95 MPGe and EPA 50 MPG combined fuel economy in hybrid mode. "...Style and mechanics in a unique exciting ensemple...." tells Andrea Ciampaglia!

Andrea Ciampaglia re-designer from the prototype FIAT 100 of '50's

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