Sunday, March 2, 2014

From a developer's request: the response of STILETORINO design.

What was the reason that led the designers to look for new styles for this brand? What makes sure that Domino will be able to re-enacting some morphologies of the past mediating with recent experiences of style?
The Fiat 127; popular compact group in Turin at the beginning of the 70s, has been the source of inspiration for the project. A hypothesis of style - mind you - which is shown here in its very early stage of development and has asked the designer Andrea Wankel Ciampaglia only two working days overall.
Innovating in the wake of a tradition throughout Turin made ​​of sober style and tasteful the main objective that motivated the "pencil" of the designer in conceiving lines durable and capable at the same time to ensure a successful commercial model assumption.

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