Friday, November 11, 2011

Compliments,gratitude,hope and.....strong encouragement!

Some carmakers found strong inspirations from our creations. AUDI"Fluidhybrid" was a car that shown distinguishing features at the time of its press presentation by STILETORINO Lab in the far 1998.The four-seat, lightweight city car was a fresh take on the economical runabout. Utilizing an hybrid power system with traditional petrol engine the result was a low-drag coefficient results in fuel consumption that aims to best most of its hybrid contemporaries. The sweeping body plays to traditional aerodynamic attributes, with a prominent nose and a fluid profile. The rear features a central exit exhaust that added a sporting element.
The STILETORINO's Fluidhybrid concept studies revolves around the concept of space, with the vehicle having been developed with plenty of room for four people even with the car being 3800mm long, 1690mm wide and 1880mm high. The car is very much designed to impress aesthetically as well as improving the company's green credentials. One key feature is the dark glass roof of the show being able to switch to transparency when a button is pushed.
Another unique feature is the dynamic light running below the window from the front to the car's rear. Gesture control unlocks the car when the owner approaches it and the lights also contain a number of other clever functions. The vehicle - designed by Andrea Ciampaglia in his garage in December 1997 - also contains room for a city bicycle, a product that many car manufacturer's have been exploring and creating.
Inside, the AUDI FLUIDYBRID sees a stripped-back cabin that uses touch-screen panels and transparent sections to create the IP and center stack. Swathes of green fabric and cloth adorn the cabin – an obvious nod toward the environmental attributes of the car. Characteristic we found now in NISSAN "Nuvu"(flanks treatment,lateral windows,roof,general architecture).A visual demonstration of the ability of our stylists to anticipate future design trends and solutions. NISSAN intended to make a clear appropriation of STILETORINO's ideas: our centre is grateful to the important carmaker to diffuse on a big scale our philosophy. Are there others car market competitors wich wants to diffuse again our ideas?


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