Thursday, January 20, 2011

To design a car:how.

Different methods, different architectures!From the images released the new "Fiat TATTILE" appears similar in both size and proportion to the preceding petrol engine CROMA, with its a-pillars and windscreen base pulled far forwards, a smooth transition over its nose, screen, roof and rear deck and an elongated, sharply cut-off tail. Aerodynamic efficiency is clearly paramount.
White bodywork features liberal use of blue lighting, including its full-width front lamp and low-set DRLs as well as the backlit graphic carved into its flanks. Its wheels feature 5 holes, brilliant covers.
In the intention inside a pair of joystick-style controllers replace the steering, while the IP floats into the door cards, above a stripped wood floor.
It will retain then the familiar silhouette of the outgoing model, with a refreshed bumper treatment and more aggressive character lines around the car. The sedan variant will also retain the familiar silhouette of the Fiat Croma, again sporting a revised DRG that takes in a more menacing headlight and grille arrangement. The rear of the sedan sees a revised deck and rear clusters to complete the freshen up.
However, the biggest refresh will come in the form of their interiors. Andrea Ciampaglia states that the cars will feature completely new interiors that are vastly improved over the existing model and will help the next generation to be "the best FIAT yet"

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