Saturday, December 27, 2008

Copyrights and new stylistic trends with gratitude.

Here we are in 1998 in the center of Turin in occasion of the press presentation of the not motorized 1:1 model of the car that gets famous our studio worldwide. Close to the car we find a young Andrea Ciampaglia in the act to present the car to the people passionate of car design.
Some carmakers found inspirations from our creations."Fluidhybrid" was a car that shows distinguishing features we found again in NISSAN "Nuvu"(flanks treatment,lateral windows,roof,general architecture).A visual demonstration of the ability of our stylists to anticipate future design trends and solutions. NISSAN intended to make a clear appropriation of STILETORINO's ideas: our centre is grateful to the important carmaker to diffuse on a big scale our philosophy.Please, visit our main site for details.....

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